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Student Portal

Logging into the Student Portal

To access your student portal you’ll need to log in with your username and password. They’re the same email address and password you used when you booked your first course.

Our lesson summaries

Your teacher will upload a lesson summary after your lesson (normally within 48 hours). It has answers to activities you did in class in addition to your homework and any grammatical explanations. This is an excellent resource and we recommend you log into your student portal every day for a minimum 10-15 minutes to review your latest and previous lesson summaries.

Catch up classes

If you miss a lesson you can request a catch-up class with another group on another day of the week*. You can access the catch up class link via your student portal. We offer up to 3 catch up classes in any one course and they’re available to request while your course is open.

*If you cannot find a suitable option then please leave an open request.


Keep track of your attendance and any lessons you have missed.

News and social events

Keep track of our news and monthly social events including paella cooking classes, Spanish film and quiz nights and Spanish wine tastings.

To learn more about our social events in London please click here.

Zoom room

If your course is online you will find a link to your Zoom room on your student home page.

Bookings and Receipts

Download official receipts and see your booking status (Awaiting payment, Pending or Approved). Go to ‘My Bookings’ in your portal. When the status is Pending it means we have your booking, but we’re just waiting to confirm the course start date.

Course certificates

You can download a course certificate for any course where you have attended more than 7 of 10 lessons.

Vamos Spanish Course Certificate


Add us to your address book

To prevent our emails from going to your spam folder, please add us to your address book:

Classroom directions or Zoom link

We will email your classroom directions or Zoom link during the morning on the day of your course. If your course time is at 8am or on a Saturday then we will email you the day before.

Course dates

Sometimes our courses are delayed by a week and sometimes we’re not able to confirm until the day your course is due to start. Please be patient and email us if we haven’t emailed you by 11am.

Expand your Spanish

Conversation classes (online)

Our monthly online conversation classes (held on the last Friday of the month) are free for everyone in the school with separate classes for students of all levels to practise speaking in a way that’s fun and informal.

We will send you a conversation class email and you can also book your place via the Student Portal. 

Cava Baja TV soap

Enjoy our fun soap opera with interactive activities up to Level 6.

Cava Baja


Enjoy the rich culture of Valencia as you improve your Spanish while having fun. Click below to learn about our courses and cultural and social events:

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Social Media

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Other Information

Loyalty code

We send you a loyalty discount code for your next level booking on the day you finish your current course. If you wish to book sooner you can email us and we will send it to you.

Ele Digital platform

If you wish to access the digital version of your ELE book, please see our help page below to register online.

Please note the Grupo SM website is only compatible with Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers.