Conversation courses for A1 to B1

Practise speaking in a way that’s fun and informal

Our conversation courses are a great way to practise speaking with structured activities according to your level.

We have specially prepared activities that encourage speaking in the most natural form through a variety of real situations, role-plays and games.

Each course is 10-hours and you practise grammar and vocabulary according to your level, but without even thinking about it.

A1 (Levels 2-3)

Speak in the present tense about your daily routines and build confidence expressing your past experiences with the pretérito indefinido.

A2 (Levels 4-6)

Talk about health and food; join a party wearing your best clothes and bring a great present; describe what people are doing with the presente continuo; organise an unforgettable trip and consolidate the use of all past tenses.

B1 (Levels 7-10)

Make a quick review of the past tense; share your point of view on future events; use the subjuntivo to speak about your wishes, plans, feelings; give some advice and suggestions about health and debate about technologies.

B2 (Levels 13+)

Boost your speaking skills by practising all the grammar you know. Make hypotheses using future tenses, conditionals and the four subjuntivo tenses. Express opinions combining all subjuntivo tenses and practice POR y PARA. Talk and debate about the media, advertising and the environment and express wishes.