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Whether your organisation has a business imperative to develop Spanish skills, or wishes to support personal development and learning, Vamos can help.

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages with over 440 million speakers across 20 countries. The British Council’s Languages of the Future report ranks Spanish as the number one language in terms of importance.

You can join a Vamos course from anywhere. They’re live courses hosted by our teachers, broken down into 20 levels from A1 beginner to C2 proficiency.

We have a strong team of around 35 professional, native Spanish teachers, many of whom have between 3 and 5-years experience and are available to support you on your own or in a group.

Vamos courses follow every unit of the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) including Spanish for Business courses, so on-going appraisals are always in alignment with the official, international grade.

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Our Spanish for Business syllabus follows a modern business theme and brings employees together throughout the organisation across multiple locations.

You can join a Vamos course from anywhere. They’re live courses hosted by our teachers, broken down into 20 levels from A1 beginner to C2 proficiency.

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We have a blueprint, which ensures we capture what success looks like for both individuals and organisation allowing us to track progress and accelerate learning.

Our Spanish for Business courses are designed for students of all levels and use our own specially created materials that follow a modern business theme.

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For larger groups we offer on-going project management and assessment.


  • Citi
  • Strauss-Partners
  • Zipcar
  • Google
  • Diageo

Location And Fees

We can see you on your own or in a group; at our centres at Holborn or Canary Wharf, or our teachers can come to your office. Or we can see you online.

Our fees are set on a sliding scale based on the size of your group and the duration of your lesson.

No of students 2-hour lessons 1.5-hour lessons 1-hour lessons
1 £40 £43 £45
Small group £50 £53 £55
Large group £60 £63 £65

Rate per hour excluding VAT. A travel charge may apply.

To find out more please email or complete our online form or call us on 020 7242 3436 to discuss how Vamos can help your organisation.

Why Our Students Love Learning At Vamos

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“Had our first remote Level 5 Spanish class via Zoom today and it was fantastic! Smooth, enjoyable and a great learning experience – every bit as good as being in the classroom and with the added convenience of being at home using familiar technology. Well done for getting everything ready at short notice and keep up the great service!“

5 Stars

– Ben Cassels

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– Joe Doe

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– Ruth Jayne