Immersion courses, social and cultural activities

About our courses

Our immersion courses in Valencia are not the same as the courses we run in London.

In London we follow every unit of the Common European Framework Reference, which we cover over 20 levels from A1 to C2. Our students acquire a balance of the four language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking although the emphasis is on speaking.

In Valencia the approach is different. Here we consolidate levels into 5 groups (see below) and focus on listening and speaking. You learn and practise grammar and vocabulary according to your group level.

Our specially prepared activities encourage speaking through a variety of real situations, role-plays and practise.

5 groups with specially prepared activities

  • A1 (level 1) The same 20-hour course as London
  • A1 (levels 2-3) A full revision of present tense and an introduction to past tense
  • A2 (levels 4-6) A quick revision of present tense and a consolidation of all past tenses
  • B1 (levels 7-10) A quick revision of present and past tenses and the emphasis on present tense subjunctive
  • B2 (levels 11-14) A quick revision of present tense subjunctive and a review of all past tense subjunctive and uses of the conditional

Lesson times

1-week courses (20-hours)

Monday to Friday with a rotating schedule from 9am to 1pm  and 2:15pm to 6:15pm (each with a break for refreshments)

No administration fee and course materials included

Akshay Iyer

‘I had very little confidence in my ability to speak but I was seeing myself clearly improve throughout the course.’

Akshay Iyer

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Social and cultural activities

Warm climate, delicious food, golden beaches, famous architecture, festivals, markets, parks and vibrant nightlife – Spain’s third largest city is the perfect place to improve your Spanish.

In addition to your course, you can also enjoy a mixture of fun and cultural activities during our week and weekend courses and these can include bike or walking tour, tapas hopping, language exchange, flamenco show, paella on the beach and boat trip to the Albufera National Park.

Come for a week or stay for a month

Our courses include many social activities, but if you can stay longer we can organise excursions every weekend to places like Peñíscola, Alicante, Albufera Lake, Morella, Albarracín and many more.