Studying abroad – and learning a new language

Studying abroad – and learning a new language

Valencia has more Erasmus students than anywhere in Europe.

Our teaching method is communicative and dynamic; grammar structures, communicative functions and cultural topics all form part of our classes.

Students learn Spanish for everyday situations and become involved in selecting topics for discussion according to their individual needs and interests.

Vamos courses are specially designed for students learning Spanish as a foreign language, which makes them ideal for Erasmus students and the support required for university.

To find out more about our programmes for young learners please contact or call us on 020 7242 3436.

Why Our Students Love Learning At Vamos

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“Had our first remote Level 5 Spanish class via Zoom today and it was fantastic! Smooth, enjoyable and a great learning experience – every bit as good as being in the classroom and with the added convenience of being at home using familiar technology. Well done for getting everything ready at short notice and keep up the great service!“

5 Stars

– Ben Cassels

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5 Stars

– Joe Doe

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5 Stars

– Ruth Jayne