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Booster courses for A1 to B1

Revise the grammar studied in previous levels

Here’s a great way to revise the grammar studied in a previous book.

Vamos booster courses are for students who have already completed A1 (levels 1-3), A2 (levels 4-6) or B1 (levels 7-10).

These 10-hour courses tackle the grammar points below:

A1 (levels 1-3)

  • Present tense regular verbs conjugation; ‘ser’ and ‘estar’, ‘hay’ and ‘tener’
  • ‘Verb ‘gustar’; regular and irregular verbs; reflexive verbs
  • Present tense irregular verbs and reflexive; past tense pretérito indefinido, preposiciones de lugar

A2 (levels 4-6)

  • Pretérito Perfecto (regular and irregular verbs) and pretérito indefinido (PASADOS)
  • Pretérito Perfecto versus pretérito indefinido and direct object pronouns
  • Contrast between past tenses: perfecto, indefinido and imperfecto
  • Indirect object pronouns, OD + OI, imperative affirmative + OD

B1 (levels 7-10)

  • Pretérito: perfecto, indefinido, imperfecto and perífrasis
  • Pluscuamperfecto. The present subjunctive regular and irregular and when to use
  • Imperativo , imperativo negative, otros usos del subjuntivo