Bookings & Availability

How do I book a place?

To book a place please choose a course from either our in-person or online course links find a course

What is the typical student profile on a Vamos course?

Our courses are made up of adults of all ages and nationalities from beginners upwards. For most courses, the average age range is mid 20s to mid 40s, however many younger and older students join our school.

Can I join a class in the second week?
Yes, if there is space on the course we can take bookings for students wishing to join the class in the second week, however there will be no discount to the price. You will need to call us to check availability. Beyond the second week we do not allow any students to join the course as this is too disruptive to the learning program.
How do I know if there are places available on a course?
If a course has no places available a message will display ‘this course is now full’.
What is the minimum number of students on a course?
We require a minimum number of students to run a group course.

In the unlikely event that the minimum number is not met we may delay the course start date by a week, merge your course with another or if that’s not possible reduce the course duration to 8 weeks.

Should neither of the above option be practical, you can choose to keep your credit and defer to a next course or request it be refunded in full.

How soon should I enrol?
The earlier the better because that ensures we have the correct number. If we do not have the minimum number of students for courses, we may have to cancel the course, in which case the course you wanted may be removed from the website.
How do I know my username and password?
The first time you start to make a booking you need to create a username and password. Your username is your email address the way you entered it and you must create a password.
Can I get a receipt?

An email confirming your booking and payment is automatically sent to the address you gave us at the time of booking. If you would also like a VAT receipt then please log into the Student Portal and from the Student Home page scroll down to the link ‘my bookings’ from where you can download a VAT receipt.

My payment is confirmed, but my booking is ‘pending’?
When you make a booking you automatically receive a payment confirmation email. You can also download a VAT receipt. But until we confirm the course is starting on the date published at the time of your booking, the booking status remains ‘pending’. When we send you a course start date confirmation email the booking status changes to ‘approved’.
What happens if my course includes a bank holiday?

The school is closed on bank holidays and any course dates should already be extended.

Course Information

How do I know what level I am?

If you are not sure which class to choose, please read our Levels explained page or take our online test.

Do teachers speak English during the lessons?

The effective way to learn or improve a language skill is through immersion in the target language, however complex explanation of grammar or vocabulary is often explained in English. Rest assured we will have no trouble in making ourselves understood even by students who have little or no knowledge of Spanish.

Can I receive a qualification or certificate?

Yes, you can receive an end of course certificate that will confirm the number of hours you have studied at the school, the course you have taken and the level you have achieved.

How much homework is typically involved?

You will get approximately 45 minutes of formal homework per class/session, but in addition and in particular with a 10-week course, we would recommend you invest a further 15 minutes of self study per day by logging into our portal and reviewing your lesson summaries.

What happens if I find do my class is too easy or too difficult for me?

If at the end of your first lesson you find the course content too easy or too hard, you can switch courses up or down accordingly. Please speak to your teacher and contact us. We will review the situation and look to move you to a class more suited to your ability.

What happens if I miss a lesson during the course?

You can log into the student portal to see what was covered in the class you missed and any homework. And you can log into our catch up class system to book a replacement class.  Please note catch up classes are offered from other courses we run and in some cases there may be a delay before a catch up class becomes available. Reserving a catch up class is only possible while your course is running and is limited to 3 classes.

What do I do if I am going to miss the first lesson?

Please let us know so that we can advise your teacher.

What if my teacher is ill during the course?

If your teacher is ill during the course we will organise a cover teacher to take your lesson. If no cover teacher is available we will simply defer the lesson and extend the length of the course.

How big are the classes?

We limit our class size to 14 students.

Is the textbook included in my course fee?

In-person course fees include an additional cost of £10.95 to cover course materials (Activity books). Returning students must retain their textbook (or otherwise purchase a replacement book) unless the course they are joining requires a new book.

Online students are provided with a PDF version of the Activity book the first day of class, however the ELE or PRISMA textbook must be purchased from another source (eg. Amazon).

Payment & Refunds

Refund Policy

For full information on cancellations and refunds, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Can I pay a deposit and then pay the rest later?
No, you must pay the entire amount at the time of booking.

Returning Students

I am already doing a course with Vamos. Can I get a discount for my next course?

Yes, existing students qualify for a £15 loyalty discount providing bookings are made during or on completion of a current course. At the end of your course we will send you a loyalty code to use with your booking.