Private tuition for Spanish


We bring fun, effective language tuition to your office

Today’s global economy means learning a language is more important than ever.

We have a reputation for rewarding and motivating tuition and we offer companies the same values and methods that make working with Vamos such a great way to learn a language.

If you or your colleagues need Spanish for your job, we’ll teach you to develop the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills used in the professional world.

Whether your objective is business or leisure, you’ll enjoy the benefits that make learning a language with Vamos so effective and so much fun. Like our highly qualified and engaging teachers who run our courses; our online support; our monthly conversation classes, and if you wish, our events here and abroad.

Some of our clients include:


You can see us at a time that suits you. On your own, or in a group. The cost is the same and Vamos tuition is available from just £45 per hour.


Next steps

Choosing the right learning programme needs consideration, so it’s essential we start by learning about you and your needs and requirements. For example:

  • Are you a facilitator of company training or would you be one of our students?
  • If one of our students, are you a beginner or do you already have language skills?
  • Would you like to learn on your own or in a group?
  • Would you like an intensive programme or one or two lessons a week?

Contact us here or call us on 020 7242 3436.