Vamos Teacher Training

Teaching Spanish as a foreign language (40-hrs)

  • Minimum age: 18 years +
  • Level of Spanish required: native or C2 level of Spanish
  • Max 6 students per class

This 10-day course for teachers looks at how we prepare and deliver lessons, how teaching time is managed to ensure objectives are met and how problems students may have are detected.


  • Theory: theoretical description of levels; brief explanation of the ‘Common European Framework’; teaching methodology and the communicative approach; how to explain grammar and correct mistakes.
  • Planning and development: lesson planning, time management, learning styles and classroom dynamics.
  • Observations: 4 hours lesson observations and relevant assignments.
  • Teaching: 8 hours classroom practise teaching students of different levels.
  • Final project: to plan and present a 30-minute grammar topic to all candidates and the course trainer.


Day 1: Course introduction and methodology

DAY 1: Course Introduction And Methodology

Hours: 4 -6pm (Theory) / 6.45 -8.45pm (lesson observation)


  • The Common European Framework
  • Methods and focus points for the teaching of Spanish
  • Practical aspects of the classroom and how to give effective classes
  • Aspects to be considered when observing a lesson
  • Lesson observation (2hrs)

Day 2: How we make the most of the communicative approach

DAY 2: How We Make The Most Of The Communicative Approach

Hours: 2- 6pm (Theory)


  • Discussion of the observation lesson attended
  • Explanation of teaching materials
  • How to teach grammar and vocabulary
  • Planning a course
  • How to plan a lesson

Day 3: Correcting mistakes

DAY 3: Correction Mistakes

Hours: 4 -6pm (Theory) / 6.45 -8.45pm (lesson observation)


  • Correcting mistakes in the classroom
  • How to develop and exploit didactical resources in the classroom
  • Some examples of practical activities that can be used for oral expression, listening and written comprehension practice in the classroom.
  • Lesson observation (2hrs)

Day 4: How to introduce new content

Day 4: How To Introduce New Content

Hours: 2- 6pm (Theory)


  • Discussion of the observation lesson attended
  • The introduction to new grammatical constructions
  • The introduction to new vocabulary
  • Some basic perspectives on Spanish grammar that can be difficult for a teacher

Day 5: Delivering a micro lesson

Day 5: Delivering A Micro Tesson

Hours: 2- 6pm (Theory)


  • Socio-cultural aspects of teaching Spanish
  • How to evaluate students
  • Final project: Deliver a 30-minute micro lesson
  • Peer-to-peer feedback
  • 1:1 Teacher feedback
  • Assign levels and topics to commence teaching in the following week.


Days 6 to 10: 8 Hours Teaching Practise

DAYS 6 to 10: 8 Hours Teaching Practise

In the second week candidates get to put into practise everything learnt in the previous week.

With 8 hours classroom teaching to students of different levels and observed by our tutors, candidates must prepare lesson plans and all the relevant materials to teach the groups they have been assigned. This is followed by daily support and feedback from the trainer.

In the final assignment candidates present a previously assigned grammar topic to colleagues and the course trainer.



Candidates receive a certificate at the end of the course stating the course description and number of hours attended.

Course fee: £595.00

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