Spanish for Business (B2+) 

These 3 x 20-hour courses aimed at B2 plus students provide the professional skills and cultural competence to deal with Spanish companies, clients and colleagues.

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Part 1 – Job search and relocation

  • Incorporación inmediata   
    Job offers and job applications – how to write a job advertisement, develop a CV, write a job application letter and talk in a job interview.
  • Reunión de equipo
    Learn the professional language used to framework meetings, express opinions, defend proposals and reach agreements.
  • Me trasladan a México
    Learn the vocabulary and grammar used to manage job transfers and relocations.

Part 2 – International trade

  • Exportamos a 70 países
    Learn about international trade and the vocabulary relating to import and export. This unit also looks at Latin American economies as well as statistic and analytical reporting.
  • Montamos un negocio
    Learn the vocabulary and grammar used to create a business with examples such as services and product based companies.
  • Cuestiones de finanzas
    Learn the vocabulary and expressions to talk about finance, salaries and currencies.


Part 3 – At the workplace

  • El tiempo es oro
    Learn about the activities of a working day and how cultures vary between companies.
  • Producción y fabricación
    Learn the vocabulary used for production and health and safety.
  • Empresas, mercados, cultura
    Learn about real business cases from contents introduced in previous modules to research business models and present case studies of choice.

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