Enjoy learning Spanish in one of Spain’s most beautiful cities.

We have courses for all levels from complete beginners through to advanced students. They’re all highly communicative and specially designed to help you develop your skills, build confidence and accelerate learning.

Courses start every month (see dates below) and include an amazing programme of social and cultural activities.

Spanish courses for all levels – class times Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm

Spanish courses for all levels - class times Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm

A1 students (level 1)

This is our starting point to learn Spanish. These courses are designed for complete beginner students with little or no knowledge of Spanish…

A1 students (levels 2 to 3)

Improve your listening and speaking skills; conjugate all present tense verbs – regular, irregular, reflexive and stem-changing…

A2 students (levels 4 – 6)

Practise communication with clear and precise knowledge typical for many situations using the pretérito indefinido, pretérito perfecto and pretérito imperfecto…

B1 students (levels 7 – 10)

Enjoy fun and effective all-around communication involving a wide range of vocabulary and grammar including pretérito pluscuamperfecto and subjuntivo to express wishes, hopes and plans for the future….

B2 students (levels 11 – 14)

Here we’re speaking socially where challenging opinions can be expressed using past tense subjunctive – pretérito imperfecto de subjuntivo, conditional (si tuviera vacaciones, viajaría a México) and perífrasis verbales (ir/acabar + gerunido, dejar de + infinitivo, etc)….

Actividades De Conversacion

Course materials included

Included is our unique compilation of materials that encourage speaking such as games and role-play with teams, groups and pairs.

Classrooms and technologies

Classrooms and technologies

Our classrooms are equipped with modern learning technologies and the school offers a lovely, welcoming environment.

We’re near the centre of the city

The school is an 18-minute walk from Xativa metro station which takes you through some of the most beautiful places in the city including Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Calle San Vicente and Plaza de la Reina and Plaza de la Virgen. When you arrive, you will discover a unique building where every corner has been decorated by artists.

Vamos Apartment

Accommodation options

Choosing where to stay in Valencia can be fun and affordable and we can help. Share a lovely apartment. Stay with a host family. Or stay at a hostel. Sharing an apartment or staying with a host family is around 25 euros a day and hostels are about half as much.

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  • Optional entertainment (payable during your course)

    Our courses include many social activities during the week, such as bike or walking tours, tapas hopping, language exchange, flamenco show, Paella night, beach parties, wine tasting and sport activities, but we also organise trekkings, day trips and excursions every weekend to places like Peñíscola, Alicante, Albufera Lake, Morella, Albarracín and many more.

Why Our Students Love Learning At Vamos

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“Had our first remote Level 5 Spanish class via Zoom today and it was fantastic! Smooth, enjoyable and a great learning experience – every bit as good as being in the classroom and with the added convenience of being at home using familiar technology. Well done for getting everything ready at short notice and keep up the great service!“

5 Stars

– Ben Cassels

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5 Stars

– Joe Doe

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5 Stars

– Ruth Jayne