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Spanish courses at Holborn, Canary Wharf and Valencia


Such a great way to learn Spanish and so much fun

More than a thousand students come to Holborn to learn Spanish with Vamos. Our combination of friendly, sociable atmosphere and high standards of teaching makes learning feel like fun.

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Holborn, Canary Wharf and Valencia

We have classes all day in Canary Wharf including early morning and lunchtime and a new school in Valencia where you can enjoy a weekend or one-week course.

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Our flexible lessons

Don’t worry if you miss a lesson. Many of our students have busy jobs, so we know how difficult it can be to make it to every class. Just log into our website and book a catch up class on another day.

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Vamos and Ibérica at Canary Wharf

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Such a great way to learn Spanish

Meet some of our teachers and students (2015)

More than 2,000 reviews

Why our students love learning at Vamos

We have a fantastic team of native Spanish teachers.
Our extra free classes
Practise what you’ve learnt on the last Friday of every month.
Keep up to date with lessons, homework and much more.
Just log into our website to book a catch up class.
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