How to access the Ele Digital platform

Please start by going to

(Opens in a new window)

Please note the Grupo SM website is only compatible with Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers

Choose English language at the top right of the screen.

At the bottom click on ‘Sign up‘ (‘Regístrate’)

Click on Students

Select ‘Others (International)‘ and click on ‘Next’

Fill the form Information of the parent or guardian

  • Legal Guardian’s name / Nombre Tutor – Type your name
  • Legal Guardian’s surname / Apellidos Tutor – Type your surname
  • Document type /Tipo de Documento * Select Passport / Pasaporte
  • Nº Document / Nº Documento (Maximum 10 characters) – Type 123456789
  • Legal Guardian’s email – Type your email address
  • Repeat your email – Confirm your email address

Then click on Next

Fill the form Student data

  • Name / Nombre – Type your name
  • Surname / Apellidos – Type your surname
  • Email (Optional) – You don’t need to add info here
  • Repeat Email (Optional) – You don’t need to add info here
  • Preferred language – Select English

▪ Select your school

– Town select or type ‘Reino Unido

It automatically selects ‘CENTRO INTERNACIONAL

Click Next

To complete the registration:

  • Username / Nombre de usuario: Type a username of your choice
  • Password / Contraseña: Password of your choice
  • Repeat password / Repite la contraseña: Repeat the password
  • Accept ‘I have read and accept privacy policy and terms of use’

Finish registration

Click on Next and you will receive an email to confirm your register.

Go to your email account and confirm your email address

Now you can access from with the username and password you created

Finally you have to validate your licence by inserting the code you either :

  • have in your textbook (if you already have a textbook)
  • or the code you will receive from us by email.

See the video below to show you all the steps above.

  • If you need any help please contact Grupo SM technical support by clicking on ‘Contacto’ at the bottom of the page.