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by Lorraine Bell for Nereida Level 10 on Aug 7 2020 14:14

I thought that this level re-inforced and revised what we have done grammatically in the other levels. Nereida's clear and logical approach helped me feel more confident with using the difference preteritos and in particular selecting indicativo o subjuntivo verbos. I especially enjoyed the lessons on gestures and their meanings. I feel that this reflects even more on the culture and cultural differences between Spanish-speaking countries which interests me a lot. Nereida's readily-available knowledge on many different areas of Latin American culture and customs was invaluable to my learning and further discovery. I really loved the activities we did for this topic as well and that she encouraged us to do our own research for these to feedback to the class- I discovered even more interesting this from my classmates too!

by Louise Da Prato for Carmen Level 1 on Aug 7 2020 14:11

I really enjoyed the learning. I found the diversity of fun activities and interaction with people helped my learning experience. The homework assignments were good goal setters and I used the powerpoints to both review and prepared for each lesson.

by Isobel Morrice on Jul 27 2020 00:27

I've been studying Spanish for over a decade now, throughout my school years and whilst at university, but I can, without doubt, say that the time that I've spent at Vamos has been the most beneficial for me on my Spanish-learning journey. I started my lessons here nearly a year ago with Paula Granados as a teacher and have continued with her as my teacher for a number of levels. She has been by far the best language teacher I have EVER had because you can really tell how much she loves to teach and help her students feel comfortable and confident in her classes. My time at Vamos has taken my Spanish language to the next level, not only in terms of vocabulary and grammar but most importantly, in terms of confidence. I no longer have the crippling fear of talking and making mistakes in front of others that I used to experience during my time as school/university. Every class/activity I have taken here has such a welcoming and compassionate vibe where students feel free to express themselves without fear of making mistakes, as it should be whenever someone is learning a new skill. I'm forever grateful that I came across Vamos (and Paula!) and my only regret is that I didn't come across it sooner!!

by Loic Laudre for Victoria level 13 on Jul 3 2020 12:47

Very good! Vamos was able to handle a smooth transition from in-person classes to remote classes. Given the circumstances, this was impressive and very much appreciated. As a whole, I like it! The classes are interactive, with very few students. It means that on the one hand, the teacher knows us, is able to make us work but also, on the other hand, students also get to know each other. Bonus point, having the same teacher and the same group of students from a trimester to another is great!

by Richard Jacques for Paula Lasnon levels 1 to 3 on Jul 3 2020 12:45

Well- structured programme, covering a lot of ground. The teacher was very engaging, responding brilliantly to the different strengths of each student. The lessons were disciplined but always with a good variety of exercises and learning tools. I felt that the module has built a strong foundation from which to progress further.

by Andrew Smith for Paula Lasnon levels 1 to 3 on Jul 3 2020 12:44

The programme was well suited to a beginner like myself as we progressed through the grammar and vocabulary and reinforced this with speaking, listening and reading. I feel that doing the first three levels with Vamos has given me a good foundation and something from which I can build. It was demanding at times (doing three intensive courses) but we covered a huge amount of ground if I look over all three levels. Paula was very supportive and happy to answer questions, of which there were many! I still lack confidence in speaking and formulating sentences but I hope that I will make progress in those areas over time. Thanks for all the help and teaching so far.

by Matt Scholey for Paula Lasnon on Jun 30 2020 14:14

The booster course was excellent. I would thoroughly recommend it, as it is so helpful to go over everything we learnt in A1 a second time. You come away from the booster fully understanding all the concepts. Also having a small class gave me a lot of of opportunity to talk more and practice speaking. It's improved by confidence and ability at Spanish hugely, and is really helping my progress through Levels 4+5 at the same time.

by James Harrison on Jun 27 2020 16:48

Learning Spanish with Nereida has been a fantastic experience. I've been studying Spanish through Vamos for a couple of years and I'm now approaching B2 level - at every stage, classes have been engaging and fun, and my confidence in speaking and understanding the language has improved enormously.

by Sam Downs for Ana level 3 on Jun 23 2020 17:17

Learning Spanish at Vamos has been a fantastic experience, each lesson I am improving and learning so much. Ana is a vibrant, fun and excellent teacher.

by Adam Montgomery for Joan level 4 on Jun 19 2020 16:39

I have attended two other Spanish language schools in London and Vamos is by far the most organised and structured. Our teacher is excellent
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