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by Luce Burello for Andrea level 7 on Oct 10 2017 13:44

It really met my objectives and my goals. I improved a lot my Spanish. I easily can have a conversation now. I love the method of Andrea. She is really helpful and ready to explain your doubts and uncertainties even for the 1000th time.

by Robert Otim for Yaiza level 2 on Oct 10 2017 13:43

Overall the lessons have been a great continuation from the previous level. Yaiza is very good, energetic and bubbly teacher. We have learnt a vast amount of Spanish in a short period of time. Her lessons are always fun and we have a very good mix of speaking, listening and writing. I have already completed two levels and will be continuing with Yaiza.

by David Marshall for Yaiza level 2 on Oct 10 2017 13:43

Excellent. Yaiza is an incredible teacher! Fun and effective.

by Claire for Cristina level 1 on Oct 10 2017 13:43

The program was excellent, we have learnt a lot this week. Cristina is very enthusiastic teacher and the activities were fun.

by Natasha Hunt for Cristina level 1 on Oct 10 2017 13:42

The course was really good. Cristina was amazing! She was always very positive and helpful to all the students. The content was good to begin to get and understanding of the basics. A good start to learning Spanish.

by Bridget Hand for Ruth level 3 on Oct 10 2017 13:42

Very, very good. Ruth has been a great teacher. Giving the right amount of encouraging but not being too easy either!

by Jekaterina for Ruth level 3 on Oct 10 2017 13:41

Ruth is a wonderful teacher. I very much enjoyed my level 3 with her and going to continue in the future.

by Sam Aldridge for Diana Pollan level 1 on Sep 8 2017 14:09

Thought it was great. Diana has been a fantastic teacher and has been extremely helpful and patient with all of us. Thank you, Diana!

by Dominika Polak for Elvira level 1 on Sep 8 2017 14:08

I loved the classes and had a lot of fun. I feel that I learned a lot and would like to continue. Elvira is great teacher and I appreciate all her effort and methods of teaching.

by Oliver Metz for Elvira level 1 on Sep 8 2017 14:08

It was a great and fun experience and didn’t feel like work. The amount of knowledge that I got in 10 lessons was more than I expected. Elvira managed to keep it always funny.
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