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by Demetris Papakyriacou for Alba Level 2 on Nov 26 2019 14:35

Very good and lively class with lots of interaction. I feel the improvements and more confident in Spanish.

by Chloi Efstathiadi for Yaiza Level 9 on Nov 21 2019 13:07

I like the group exercises and the relaxed and fun atmosphere.

by Wing Chan for Andrea Cortina Level 6 on Nov 21 2019 13:06

Fantastico. Interactive lessons. Nice teacher. Gracias!

by Max Thorp for Cristina Level 4 on Nov 20 2019 12:54

I really enjoyed Level 4. This is my second course with Vamos and I am going to do a third. Cristina is a fantastic teacher; she makes sure everyone is included and her methods work really well. I think I learnt much more this level than I thought I would!

by Mimi Krawczyk for Nereida Level 1 on Nov 15 2019 14:48

It’s a very fun course, we go through a lot of material but the pace is great! Very motivated to continue.

by Rebecca Wright for Andrea Cortina Level 15 on Nov 15 2019 14:45

I thought the programme worked very well. Being a higher-level class there was a very good balance of speaking to grammar practice. Andrea kept the classes fun and engaging and so there wasn’t any time when I was bored or uninterested. I would definitely recommend the course to someone who wanted to continue studying but in a more relaxed environment.

by Sarah Ruthe for Yaiza Level 9 on Nov 15 2019 14:44

Good mix of theory (grammar) and practice (speaking). Yaiza always tries to come up with interesting ideas to make it useful for us.

by Matthew Chin for Nereida Level 1 Intensive on Nov 7 2019 12:41

Tough but fun, definitely intensive but enjoyable. I would come back to do a weekly session; I feel like I have learnt a lot.

by Roman Shestakov for Andrea Cortina Level 15 on Oct 31 2019 12:17

Great as always. I like the class, like Andrea and I like the challenge. I’m going to continue to the next level.

by Karolis Choromanskis for Yaiza Level 9 on Oct 31 2019 12:17

Well structured, I like that a lot of speaking is involved, Yaiza is very good in engaging all the group and energising everyone.
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