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by Matthew Chin for Nereida Level 1 Intensive on Nov 7 2019 12:41

Tough but fun, definitely intensive but enjoyable. I would come back to do a weekly session; I feel like I have learnt a lot.

by Roman Shestakov for Andrea Cortina Level 15 on Oct 31 2019 12:17

Great as always. I like the class, like Andrea and I like the challenge. I’m going to continue to the next level.

by Karolis Choromanskis for Yaiza Level 9 on Oct 31 2019 12:17

Well structured, I like that a lot of speaking is involved, Yaiza is very good in engaging all the group and energising everyone.

by Neil Lobo for Nereida Level 1 Intensive on Oct 31 2019 12:16

An excellent programme. Really well structured and organised. Best of all though was the teacher. Very patient, inspiring and very good at explaining! Was always happy to answer questions and connected very effectively in both class work and written work! Great range of activities and super range of learning styles. Good amount of homework – very appropriate.

by Dassos Kyriacou for Mariluz/Natalia Level 8 on Oct 21 2019 14:11

Both teachers we had were amazing. Mariluz is patient, helpful and her teaching methods are great. Natalia is also very helpful and made our lessons fun and interactive. Would hope to have either as a teacher in future levels.

by Joanne Shelton Pereda for Andrea Cortina Level 14 on Oct 21 2019 14:11

I have really enjoyed this level and feel I have improved a lot since level 13. The teacher and the class were very patient with me and the experience as a whole was very enjoyable.

by Anil Dasani for Andrea Cortina Level 6 on Oct 18 2019 13:39

It’s a fantastic programme. This is the best way to learn Spanish.

by Manrong Xie for Natalia Level 1 on Oct 18 2019 13:39

The program helped me to understand how to use gender verbs. I really enjoyed the course with Natalia as she is very helpful for me to learn the language.

by Francesco Petillo for Ruth Level 7 on Oct 17 2019 12:50

Good teacher, clear explanation, useful course.

by Daniel Phipps for Andrea Cortina Level 14 on Oct 17 2019 12:49

The course was very good, the activities were varied and enjoyable. Andrea especially was very helpful at trying to schedule catch up classes for me.
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