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by Pamela Stath' - for Cristina Level 1 on May 1 2019 16:34

Very fun. Cristina is every informed and made the sessions very interesting.

by Anne Quesney for Alba Level 2 on Apr 15 2019 18:26

The course is well-structured and Alba is a very engaging teacher. I really enjoyed the lessons and feel I have made good progress and ready to move to the next level.

by Roisin Kennedy for Tatiana Level 1 on Apr 15 2019 18:25

Tatiana created a warm environment and made learning Spanish accessible when I have previously found languages to be really hard. The activities and workbook aided the in-class work and I found the homework to be really helpful. Personally, I wish I could have been available for the conversation classes, as I think this would have been helpful.

by Camilla Bass for Carolina Level 6 on Apr 10 2019 14:18

Really interactive and fun. The classes were informal and easy-going; they facilitated lots of discussion amongst the group. Really liked the style of the Vamos activity book.

by Ione Milne for Elsa Level 3 on Apr 10 2019 14:17

It's a fantastic programme and I have loved the process of learning at every level. The course provides you with a fantastic foundation of words and then builds on how to use them and gives you so much confidence as you talk all through the lessons. The teachers are always fantastic, helpful and each lesson is really exciting. I’ve learnt so much so fast.

by George Service for Carolina Level 6 on Apr 8 2019 18:03

Another great level, I have been coming since level 1 and I have always been very happy! Carolina is a fantastic teacher, who has a brilliant style. She is always hugely helpful in her descriptions and methods. I have just got back from Spain and was really happy that I could use everything I had learnt in conversation! Roll on level 7!

by Suhail Dilbar for Paloma Level 5 on Apr 4 2019 17:31

The teacher is an essential and valuable asset to Vamos. Never allow her to leave! She is amazing and feel honoured to be under her tutelage.

by Ellie Bungay for Alejandro Level 1 on Apr 4 2019 16:33

An engaging and fun environment to learn in, with a good balance of theory and activities - a sufficient level of speaking practice for level 1.

by Anika Ladva for Alejandro Level 1 on Apr 4 2019 16:09

Great programme - Alejandro is brilliant and makes learning so much fun. Great way to meet new people as well.

by Luke Lenihan for Alba Level 1 on Apr 4 2019 16:07

I thought the program was absolutely brilliant. The 10 weeks really flew by and I feel like I learnt a lot in every class. I enjoyed every lesson, they were really well-structured and thought out. The content was fantastic and Alba was an absolutely brilliant teacher. I've already signed up for the next level, it was that great.
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