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by Gurds Hunjan for Andrea level 5 on May 3 2017 17:49

Great overall. Really enjoying the course.

by Allison Dane for Andrea level 5 on May 3 2017 17:45

Andrea is a brilliant teacher. She makes her classes fun and her patience is amazing.

by Amy Davidson for Andrea level 5 on May 3 2017 17:42

As usual, Andrea has been fantastic! She makes classes fun and interactive, and is always patient with our million questions! The pace of the course is good - we are always learning but it isn't too overwhelming with our other commitments.

by Carl Thomas for Andrea level 5 on May 3 2017 17:34

Good teaching methods and classroom interaction.

by Luce Burello for Andrea level 5 on May 3 2017 17:23

The programme satisfied all my requirements. I'm really happy and I will carry on to the next level.

by Dorota Janecka for Andrea level 5 on May 3 2017 17:17

I liked the fact that we practiced a lot of both past tenses as they are quite confusing.

by Francesca Cookney for Andrea level 5 on May 3 2017 17:11

Still having fun!

by Lawrence Berner for Andrea, Level 5 on May 3 2017 17:00

The classes were well organized. It was a good curriculum with a good amount of content. Andrea is well prepared and cares about her students. The classes are enjoyable.

by Andri Leonidou for Andrea level 5 on May 3 2017 15:17

I enjoyed level 5 and the course was very interactive. We consolidated the preterito indefinido very well and learnt new tenses and vocabulary. Andrea is amazing and the other students in the class were very cool.

by Greg Marianusics level 5 for Patricia Avila on Mar 14 2017 18:57

I really like the fact that the course puts a lot of emphasis on speaking. It's really important. I was satisfied with the course is general. Patricia is a great teacher and I will continue to the next level!
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