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by Bruno Lapinski for Romina Level 2 on Feb 11 2020 14:12

Outstanding experience and teacher. Highly recommended 🙂

by Vienna Applewhaite for Romina level 2 on Feb 7 2020 16:50

If only Spanish class was like this when I was at school, I always felt like I have Learned something after each class. The class size is never too big and my teacher is good at making me feel comfortable to ask questions

by Mel Pollard for Romina Level 2 on Feb 5 2020 15:16

Well structured course, with some fun bits. A great balance of academic study and activities to enjoy and learn

by Isla Paton for Romina Level 1 on Feb 4 2020 12:35

Wonderful. Romina was excellent. I’d like to have her again next year. I will definitely do level 2. Thank you Romina!

by Irena for Romina Level 1 on Feb 3 2020 14:58

I didn’t expect that I will learn so much new things already on level 1, but that is why I liked this course in the end. I like the fact that it was challenging. It was really fun, the teacher was great and very nice person and teacher. The course was great!

by Lara Waite for Romina Level 1 on Jan 31 2020 16:59

Vamos program is a really fun way to learn Spanish. Level 1 covered a lot of topics which felt quite fast but it is amazing how much you have learnt at the end of the course. The interactive parts of the course are really useful. Romina was brilliant- Thank you!

by Rob Sherwood for Tatiana Level 3 on Jan 30 2020 15:18

It was well structured & challenging, Tatiana was very supportive and patient. I plan on continuing to the next level

by Andrew Kirk for Tatiana Level 3 on Jan 29 2020 12:52

Good mixture of learning materials e.g. listening, questions, grammar exercises, comics, talking about yourself etc. More interesting this way than writing out 100s of sentences from a textbook!

by George Walshe for Carmen Level 1 on Jan 28 2020 12:08

The program met all expectations. Carmen is such a lovely person and it was a pleasure to have her as my teacher. I will be continuing (for sure!) but moving down to one night a week due to work

by Fionntan O’Hara for Carmen Level 1 on Jan 24 2020 12:01

Really enjoyed the classes + teaching. Writing exercises have been helpful. Classes were always fun.
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