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by Anne Quesney for Alba Level 2 on Apr 15 2019 18:26

The course is well-structured and Alba is a very engaging teacher. I really enjoyed the lessons and feel I have made good progress and ready to move to the next level.

by Roisin Kennedy for Tatiana Level 1 on Apr 15 2019 18:25

Tatiana created a warm environment and made learning Spanish accessible when I have previously found languages to be really hard. The activities and workbook aided the in-class work and I found the homework to be really helpful. Personally, I wish I could have been available for the conversation classes, as I think this would have been helpful.

by George Service for Carolina Level 6 on Apr 8 2019 18:03

Another great level, I have been coming since level 1 and I have always been very happy! Carolina is a fantastic teacher, who has a brilliant style. She is always hugely helpful in her descriptions and methods. I have just got back from Spain and was really happy that I could use everything I had learnt in conversation! Roll on level 7!

by Duygu Meren for Cristina Level 1 on Apr 3 2019 17:13

It was a great course. I'll definitely take another course for level 2. I love Cristina's methods and teaching. Such a good experience to be with a great group and a great teacher for five days!

by Josephine Cleary for Cristina Level 1 on Apr 3 2019 17:07

Cristina is a wonderful teacher. She brought the lessons to life and made them fun. I've gained a better understanding of the basic rules in Spanish, including grammar.

by Osei Agyeman for Elsa Level 2 on Apr 3 2019 15:05

This level was challenging because Elsa really encourages you to think about how to speak/write correctly in Spanish. This makes you remember each class, so I have really enjoyed this level. I have learnt so much and I am very grateful to Elsa.

by Siobhan Moylan for Paula Level 1 on Apr 3 2019 14:54

The intensive course was really great. Paula has a hilarious and energetic way of communicating. I feel this is an essential way of teaching a foreign language, as it is very challenging! I loved the course and the people in it.

by Regan Watson for Paula Level 3 on Apr 3 2019 14:34

I did an intensive course with Paula and I loved it. She is a wonderful teacher and has great energy. I haven't taken Spanish for years and was nervous at the beginning but I felt comfortable right away.

by Ciaran McCavigan for Paula Level 2 on Apr 3 2019 14:25

Paula was excellent. She is a very patient teacher and always very positive. She created a positive learning environment every day. She remained enthusiastic and allowed me to make mistakes, never making me disappointed in myself. The course is intense but Paula broke it down step by step.

by Craig Walters for Cristina Level 10 on Apr 3 2019 14:20

Great course, great school.
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