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by Arsenio on Nov 23 2018 19:18

VAMOS did a great job in re-introducing the beauty of the Spanish language to me. It's program, teachers, staff and my classmates were all very helpful in the learning process with special mention to my esteemed teachers, Carolina and Ruth, who were very patient and dedicated to their profession. They are the kind of teachers who would help a student like me gain competence and confidence in the use of the Spanish language. Thank you!

by Jorg on Jul 16 2018 16:32

I have completed level 5 with Elvira. Elvira is a very professional and entertaining profesora. She makes learning so much fun. Can't wait for level 6 to begin. Jorg

by Conor on Jul 2 2018 13:41

I have just completed the Level B2 revision course, which was excellent. We had a great teacher in Amaya, who made every class interesting and informative. A really good way to consolidate our learnings from Intermediate level. Many thanks to all at Vamos!

by Claire Eagle for Diana Bauducco Level 3 on Jun 16 2018 17:07

Brilliant - I've enjoyed all three levels and I think they are perfectly designed. Diana was wonderful.

by Georgia Wall for Jonas Rueda level 1 on May 3 2018 13:36

I feel like I’ve learnt a lot in a short period and I fully intend on returning to continue with level 2 after my travels. Jonas is a FANTASTIC teacher – very encouraging, helpful and honest. So, if possible, I’d like to do more learning with him!!

by Rolf Lorenz for Jonas Rueda level 1 on May 3 2018 13:36

Very good! A great way to learn. I liked the fact that the teacher mostly spoke in Spanish even when discussing things, I didn’t know. Made me think harder and was very helpful. Great teacher, very clear and helpful. Thoroughly enjoyed this class. Thank you!

by Nick Marsh for Vanessa level 4 on May 3 2018 13:35

Very engaging teacher with emphasis on learning practical Spanish. Lots of opportunities to practice during class. Learned a lot in short space of time.

by Ellie Perham-Marchant for Vanessa level 4 on May 3 2018 13:35

The course was at a good pace, as we learnt a lot but not too quickly that we couldn’t revise/keep up. Having a test revision lesson at the end is good to consolidate all the knowledge. I will definitely be continuing to level 5.

by Gregory Whiting for Vanessa level 4 on May 3 2018 13:35

Very good, very well structured! Never felt to difficult and easy to catch-up if I missed a lesson.

by Diane Campbell for Patricia Avila level 1 on May 3 2018 13:34

I found the Spanish program as a whole very interesting, informative and worth attending. I look forward to attending more levels in order to continue learning and improving my Spanish.
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