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by James Begg on Nov 7 2020 11:33

Have attended four courses with Vamos, Level 4 Elementary with Elena through to Intermediate Level 7 with Cristina. Really enjoyed their classes as they were interactive and fun. Returning to do Level 8 course - can't wait to get into it! 🙂

by Laura Harrison for Vicky Level 9 on Oct 28 2020 14:05

The 10-week level 9 course was great. Vicky is an excellent teacher who encourages you to think and answer more in Spanish - always asking "porque" to your answers certainly makes you practice! The class was fun with plenty of new faces to meet.

by Peter for Victoria Level 9 on Oct 26 2020 16:34

The course offers a culturally rich, stimulating and international environment and is definitely a great option for those who want to quickly move their language skills to the next level whilst having fun at the same time. Highly recommend!

by Donna West for Alejandro Level 4 on Oct 26 2020 16:27

Alejandro is a fantastic teacher with amazing different ways to teach and learn. Thank you

by Jonathan Clarke for Alejandro Level 4 on Oct 26 2020 16:23

Brilliant fun and interactive

by Anastasia Nifontova for Alejandro Level 4 on Oct 22 2020 16:04

I enjoy the course and especially our teacher, who is always ready to help, explain, answer questions, etc. It looks like he really enjoy teaching and always create interesting activities for us. His approach helps us to learn Spanish better

by Richard Cooper for Maria Medrano Level 2 on Oct 22 2020 16:01

Very nice course with a clear structure. Maria is super nice and patient and I look forward to starting A3 with her.

by Leonie Caul for Paula Lasnon Level 1 on Sep 15 2020 13:15

A really great course and the content is fantastic

by Thanos Nikoletopoulos for Elisabet Level 3 on Sep 10 2020 10:22

Really good programme and a great teacher.

by Wojciech Soczynski for Diana Level 13 on Sep 9 2020 12:30

Great fun, lot's of interesting activities. Content in context, great atmosphere, outstanding teachers 🙂
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