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by Bryher Williams for Carolina Garcia level 1 on Jan 30 2019 15:22

Enjoyable lessons, easy to follow teaching methods, like the online content and homework. Looking forward to level 2

by Sam Jones for Carolina Garcia level 1 on Jan 30 2019 15:17

Loved it! Love the class. Looking forward to level 2.

by Robert Hunter for Cristina level 13 on Jan 30 2019 15:12

Excellent! – coming back for more!

by Craig Walters for Cristina level 9 on Jan 30 2019 15:09

Enjoying and fun! A great way of learning!

by Gloria Tesei for Cristina level 4 on Jan 30 2019 15:02

After four courses I keep thinking that Cristina is one of the best teachers. She’s committed, professional, she knows the topic well and how to make it simple and understandable to everyone. She’s also fun which after all day at work is a pleasure.

by Dominika Szawica for Cristina level 4 on Jan 30 2019 14:56

Cristina is an amazing teacher. Very patient and always manages to make the lessons interesting and fun.

by Melissa Wright for Cristina level 4 on Jan 30 2019 14:42

Cristina is an amazing teacher who plans her lessons to reflect the needs of the whole class. Her approach makes you feel confident to try in what can be daunting learning a language situations.

by Paul Spencer for Cristina Level 10 on Jan 29 2019 17:02

Excellent Amazing teacher

by Arsenio on Nov 23 2018 19:18

VAMOS did a great job in re-introducing the beauty of the Spanish language to me. It's program, teachers, staff and my classmates were all very helpful in the learning process with special mention to my esteemed teachers, Carolina and Ruth, who were very patient and dedicated to their profession. They are the kind of teachers who would help a student like me gain competence and confidence in the use of the Spanish language. Thank you!

by Jorg on Jul 16 2018 16:32

I have completed level 5 with Elvira. Elvira is a very professional and entertaining profesora. She makes learning so much fun. Can't wait for level 6 to begin. Jorg
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