GCSE term courses explained

At the end of Year 10

I can refer to my identity and culture. I can discuss different types of entertainment. I can talk about TV programmes, sports and films. I can talk about places in my town and ask for and understand directions. I can talk about illnesses and injuries and ask for help at the pharmacy. I can order in a restaurant and describe typical foods. When I talk about my free time activities I use stem-changing verbs. I use “soler” + infinitive when I talk about what I usually do. I can effectively use the perfect tense when describing the past. I can conjugate and use verbs in the perfect tense and I can recognise and use idioms.

At the end of Year 11 (includes Higher tier)

I can describe hispanic foods from around the world. I can compare different festivals and celebrations. I can write about eating habits, special meals and favourite festivals. I can talk about meal times and order from a menu. I can discuss job preferences and how to earn money and I can talk about my work experience and the importance of learning. I can write a formal letter and recount work experience in the past and express future plans. When I talk about work experience I can use the preterite and the imperfect together. I can use the present and present continuous and use “saber” and “conocer”. When discussing plans for the future, I can use the subjunctive with ”cuando” and the conditional. I can effectively use my grammar knowledge in translations.