AS and A level explained

At the end of Year 12

I am able to discuss family models and religious history. I can talk about the positive and negative aspects of the internet and social networks. I can discuss gender in the work setting. I can talk about Spanish customs and traditions. I understand cultural influence and heritage, including fashion and media. I can write a summary based on a listening extract where I use connectives and other expressions. I use the subjunctive efficiently after verbs of emotion.

At the end of Year 13

I can talk about immigration, racism and integration. I can discuss the importance of politics and trade unions. I am aware of the different regimes and governments in Hispanic countries. I am able to express opinions and evaluation. I can talk about data and trends. I can read the gist and details in different contexts. I use the “If” clause with the pluperfect and imperfect subjunctive. I can infer meaning from listening and reading. I effectively use the passive voice. When writing I can use synonyms, loan words and vary structures to enrich my texts.