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After such a difficult year, now they can enjoy revising Spanish with our spring and summer booster courses.

They're fun and dynamic and aligned to the school curriculum, but with lots of speaking including games and role play in teams, groups and pairs.

Build their confidence as we review this year's grammar and vocabulary while they have fun practising speaking with their teacher and each other.

Year 9

  • Discuss the internet and social media
  • Discuss TV programming and musical taste
  • Use the future tense to discuss jobs and careers
  • Talk about daily routine while using reflexive verbs

Year 10

  • Talk about daily routines using the present tense regular and irregular verbs
  • Using time and frequency, ask classmates about activities during the week and weekend
  • Talk about family and friends and describe their appearance and personality
  • Talk about holidays and things we have done in the past

Year 11

  • Talk about the environmental and social problems with classmates
  • Talk about studies at school and about future plans when we finish school
  • Talk about future career, ambitions, work for young people and different professions
  • Talk about about family and friends and the relationship we have with them

Year 12

  • Discuss the culture of different Hispanic countries including art and literature
  • Speak about cyberspace and its influence in current society
  • Use the present and perfect subjunctive tense to express doubt, wishes, and emotions
  • Speak about past events
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