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+44 20 7242 3436 Contact us
Welcome to Vamos in Valencia

"Well planned lessons that let you speak, speak, speak"

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Valencia as you improve your Spanish and all while having fun.

From the moment you arrive your teacher will speak entirely in Spanish (levels 2-3 plus).

Practise your Spanish outside the classroom

From the outset we recognised the value of immersive learning by taking groups to Spain.

We have organised many trips over the the past 10 years and each time our students have given us consistently excellent feedback.

Our specially prepared courses

Our weekly courses are specially prepared to cover the grammar and vocabulary you need for your current level of Spanish.

And our activities will keep you engaged and motivated throughout your stay.

Weekly Spanish courses Monday to Friday (20 hours)

Join a specially designed intensive course in one of Spain’s most beautiful cities. Our courses start every month for all levels and include an amazing programme of afternoon and evening social and cultural activities - and our great hospitality too.

Spain's beautiful, third largest city

Enjoy a wonderful experience in this beautiful city where we combine language learning with culture and history. Our programme of social and cultural activities includes treasure hunt, bike tour, dinner, flamenco and excursions.

About Vamos

More than a thousand students learn Spanish with Vamos in London. We teach all levels from complete beginners to proficiency.

Our unique combination of friendly, sociable atmosphere and high standards of teaching makes learning feel like fun.

Our methods and resources

We’re passionate about everything we do, which includes lessons with specially prepared activities to encourage speaking.

Such as games and role-play with teams, groups and pairs, all of which goes to make learning more effective.

Vamos in Valencia

We’ve taken groups to Spain since early 2012. From the northwest region of Asturias to the southern city of Granada.

But since our first trip to Valencia in 2016 we kept going back. So much so, we’ve opened a new school and made a second home.

Why our students love learning at Vamos

Our amazing teachers

We have a fantastic team of qualified Spanish teachers.

Our classroom activities

We encourage speaking in the most natural way.

Our online Support

Keep up to date with lessons, homework and much more.

Our social activities

We offer a mixture of fun and cultural activities .

More than 2,000 reviews

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