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Irene Crespo

¡Hola a todos!

I’m Irene and I’m from Cantabria, a beautiful autonomous community in northern Spain.

After obtaining my degree in Classical Philology at University of Oviedo, I decided to focus my career by teaching Spanish. I studied a Master degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at University of Salamanca and since that, I have being teaching Spanish in different places of Spain for three years and in London for one and a half year now.

Teaching is one of my passion, it is something innate on me, so teaching Spanish and sharing my knowledge about my mother tongue and its culture is not a job for me, but a pleasure.

My main goal is teaching by a dynamic and communicative way and connecting to my students by creating a good atmosphere in order to makes easier and useful the learning process. So I hope you enjoy your lessons as I do!

¡Nos vemos en Vamos!