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Survival Spanish: 5-week course for travellers, Saturdays 10.30am-2.30pm

Survival Spanish

5-week course (5 x 4-hours) for beginner level 2 plus students with upcoming travel plans.

Here the focus is on communication rather than grammar, as we cover some of the essential topics such as accommodation, restaurants, shopping and transport.

This course gives you the essential Spanish for everyday practical situations such as:

  • Essential phrases – greetings and farewells; asking basic information
  • Getting around: vocabulary used in the city, directions, public transport
  • Accommodation: vocabulary used at hotels and additional services
  • Times and schedules: opening and closing times, arrivals and departures; trains and plans
  • At the restaurant (food and menus): ordering, enquiring, expressing what you like
  • Shopping: vocabulary about clothes, prices, paying with euros and local currencies


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