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Loudervoice Reviews

The course has been fantastic! I have been learning Spanish with Vamos since last year and I am amazed at how much I have learnt. This is mainly due to the excellent quality of the teaching. Sonia is an inspiring and highly skilled teacher who makes the lessons fun and engaging. She also provides a […]

Jane O’Sullivan for Sonia Level 6

It feels like a safe space to learn and ask questions. The activity book is very helpful and Sonia is friendly and knowledgeable.

Melisha Lawrence for Sonia Level 5

Sonia is a brilliant teacher. I started at level 1 and have made so much progress thanks to her support, patience and friendly teaching style.

Rose Wright for Sonia Level 5

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Business Spanish course. We revised multiple grammar points in the context of business and industries and I learnt a lot about the working culture of Spain and Latin America. The other students in my group were fun and engaging. I have finished three courses with Vamos, the two-part Business Spanish […]

Maddy Hayes for Andrea Spanish for Business B2+

I have been attending to Sonia’s classes on Saturdays since October 2020 and I really enjoy them. Sonia is an excellent teacher, dedicated, well prepared and funny. She makes sure that everyone understands the grammar, we all have opportunities to talk about the topics and ourselves, explains language differences between European and Latin American Spanish […]

Rita Alfoldi for Sonia Level 6

I loved it, it was so useful for my job and it has totally exceeded my expectations. I honestly expected it to be boring and not tailored to my needs. But in every lesson I’ve learnt so much and the grammar was just spot on – most topics I’ve never even done before. I will […]

Sofia Balderson for Andrea Spanish for Business B2+

Very comprehensive course in terms of both course content and activities (writing/ oral/ listening). Not only it provided me with the opportunity to broaden my vocabulary to be used in a formal/ business context but also to refresh key grammar topics. Exceeded my expectations!

Veronica Baldi for Andrea Spanish for Business B2+

The course was excellent. Andrea is a great teacher. She always makes the classes fun and is enthusiastic, and as it’s conversation she asks us whether there are topics we’d like to cover or things we’d like to include – e.g. we said that we’d like to do some grammar revision and she built that […]

C1+ conversation course – Amanda Moss

Wonderful mix of activities to practise all 4 language skills. Superbly delivered by Andrea who encouraged us all to speak, extend our knowledge and above all have fun learning Spanish. Gracias.

C1+ conversation course – Steve Davies

This C2 conversational course was mostly about using the language rather then learning new gramma. Our teacher Andrea is fantastic – she really prepares for each lesson, always has a plan of activities – which are different for each lesson and could be reading / discussing articles, YouTube videos or current world events. We are […]

C1 plus conversation course – Roman Shestakov

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