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Loudervoice reviews

The course was very good, I’m constantly impressed with the teachers ability to adapt to online learning and use the new tools available to them there! Great course 🙂 Heidi Ashby for Paula Lasnon level 3

Loudervoice reviews

I had the pleasure of learning Spanish with Joan Moar from Level 2 to Level 6 and I have only positive things to say about my instructor and lessons! Joan was the perfect instructor for me and gets an A+ rating! He is an excellent teacher: Professional, knowledgeable of the Spanish language & culture, personable, […]

Gaz Hunt-Sutherland for Joan Mor levels 2-6

I thoroughly enjoyed this level 1 introduction to Spanish and our teacher Paula was very encouraging and clear.

Geoff Houlton for Paula Lasnon level 1

A great introduction to the language with a flexible approach. Loved the online lessons as living outside London, being able to do the course from home was just brilliant. Am keen to progress to further levels and hopefully one day go to Valencia for the residential 5 day course. Thank you so you all at […]

Caroline Chilton-Bates for Paul Lasnon level 1

I really enjoyed the course, Paula was a fantastic and patient teacher. Looking forward to Beginners Level 2 !

Gill Donnolly for Paula Lasnon level 1

The course was so much fun and really got my brain going (in a good way). Paula was an excellent teacher and very patient in helping the class understand confusing concepts and practice difficult pronunciation. The first few weeks covered a lot of ground which could seem overwhelming but Paula explained it would all start […]

Sarah Berryman for Paula Lasnon level 1

Lockdown has been an ideal opportunity for me to finally learn Spanish. The pace of the intensive course is quite fast and to keep up, personal revision of the previous class in addition to homework to i.e. memorise a lot of new vocabulary is a necessity. Paula is an excellent teacher and explains things very […]

Wendy Greenhalgh for Paula Lasnon Level 2

I am thoroughly enjoying taking part in these courses. Paula makes them challenging and fun at the same time and it is enjoyable to still be able to interact with other students whereever they are based. The intensity of the two week course has quickly progressed my learning and boosted my confidence.

Angela Short for Paula Lasnon Level 2

I really like how the levels split up with clear objectives. I’ve tried a number of times to improve my Spanish, but going back to the beginning and getting the fundamentals correct and then building on that has been great. The intensive course really works for me and our teacher Paula is excellent.

Dan Cowell for Paula Lasnon A1 Booster course

Consistent quality of teaching and materials and the extra Friday-night sessions are great; I would happily recommend Vamos to others

Simon Gregory for Paula Lasnon Level 4

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