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It's the fun and motivation that make our online Spanish courses unique

We're London's most popular Spanish language school with schools at Holborn, Canary Wharf and Valencia.

More than 10,000 students have learnt Spanish at Vamos and we currently have around 1,000 students learning online.

What makes learning Spanish with us so special is the quality of our teaching combined with our well-structured and rigorously prepared courses.

That's why so many of our students advance to higher levels and consistently tell us our courses are so rewarding.

More than 2,000 reviews

Online doesn't mean distant. For us it means closer than ever.

Our dedicated teachers are passionate about accompanying you throughout your learning journey.

Learning together where your classmates turn into your friends.

We create a friendly, energetic environment where students learn from their teacher and each other.

Why our students love learning at Vamos

Our amazing teachers
We have a fantastic team of native Spanish teachers.
Our catch up classes
Just log into our website to book a catch up class.
Our Online Support
Keep up to date with lessons, homework and much more.
Our courses in Valencia
Join a weekly course in Spain's beautiful, 3rd largest city.

Such a great way to learn Spanish

3 steps to getting started

1. Choose your level

We have 20 level courses from complete beginners to proficiency.

Not sure about your level?

See our Levels Explained page

2. Choose your course

Choose from more than 100 courses at a time and pace that suits you best.

2. Choose your course

Choose from more than 100 courses at a time and pace that suits you best.

3. Book your place – from £10.50 per hour

Most of our courses are 20-hours and we try to limit to just 10 places. If you know your level please find a course below and book your place.

About Vamos

More than 9,000 students have learnt Spanish at Vamos, many of whom have stayed with us and advanced to higher levels.

We currently have around 1,000 students studying at the school from complete beginners to proficiency level.

Our teachers

We have a fantastic team of around 30 experienced teachers including teachers from secondary schools who have helped create our young learner course content. They're all highly experienced and specially trained in improving learning outcomes.


Vamos has been a Zoom partner since August 2019 and during that time we have refined our teaching techniques to ensure our online courses offer the same high standard of teaching and fun, classroom experience that make this school so popular.

Had our first remote Level 5 Spanish class via Zoom today and it was fantastic! Smooth, enjoyable and a great learning experience – every bit as good as being in the classroom and with the added convenience of being at home using familiar technology. Well done for getting everything ready at short notice and keep up the great service!

Ben Cassels

I have been studying at Vamos for 7 months now and because of current situation we switched to Zoom online platform. It is a great way to keep learning Spanish because it is very easy to connect and use. During the lessons we get instructions on how to use it and it is very easy to interact with other students. Highly recommend!

Ineta Žeimytė

I enjoyed our 1st zoom lesson. Everything went well. I could hear Elisabet very well. The big plus was that the teacher could separate us in a small groups so that way we could practice speaking Spanish with each other. We could as well see the presentation on our screens. It’s very good solution for current situation we live in.

Gosia Panasiuk