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Online workplace training – an effective and convenient way to achieve fluency in Spanish

Pressures of work and personal lives already account for most of our precious time, which is why Vamos online training provides an effective way to learn Spanish alongside a busy working day.

An additional language will enhance careers, develop the mind and increase the joys of travel and exploration, but it requires a degree of dedication and time, which can be difficult alongside a professional career.

We build on today’s widespread use of Unified Communication and Video Conferencing tools which have become the norm in today’s workplace. We have developed a platform and a pedagogical approach which uses the power of these tools whilst keeping the benefits of traditional teaching methods.


We emulate a classroom environment allowing interaction between teacher and students giving ample opportunity for speaking Spanish and building confidence. 


Our platform is delivered over a browser interface, or through a downloaded client.  Alternatively we can inter-operate with existing UC or VC products such as Skype for Business.  We can therefore be certain that our platform can be accessible from your corporate infrastructure with minimal additional requirements and without the need for additional support from your IT department.


An additional benefit is that lessons are recorded and available to students for revision to consolidate learning.

In short our online courses are an effective and convenient way for teams or individuals to achieve fluency in Spanish.


Our fees are set on a sliding scale based on the size of your group and the duration of your lesson.

Some of our clients include

Why our students love learning at Vamos

We have an amazing team of native Spanish teachers.
Specially compiled resources
Lessons structured around our specially compiled resources.
Keep up to date with lessons, homework and much more.
An extra free class each month followed by a social event.