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020 7242 3436 Contact us

Online social activities (1-hour) – a fun way to practise Spanish

Thank you for joining our online social activities and making them so popular.

We're taking a small, summer break while we work on new and exciting ideas for September.

Remember we still have conversations classes on the last Friday of the month.

Week commencing Monday 7 September

Book weekly - daily cut off time 3pm

Monday 5.30pm

Movie Time

Click to read moreConversation and culture classes for levels A2, B1 & B2+

Tuesday 5.30pm


Click to read moreGame-based learning platform for levels A1 & A2 and B1 & B2+

Wednesday 5.30pm

Music Time

Click to read moreListening activities for all levels (with optional singing)

Thursday 5.30pm

Games Time

Click to read moreHeads Up!, Taboo, Pictionary, Scattergories - for all levels

Friday 7pm

Quiz Night

Pub quiz for everyone - test your general knowledge

Saturday 1pm

Cooking class

Click to read more

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