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020 7242 3436 Contact us

In-person courses at Holborn (London)

Dear Student,

We are hoping to start phasing in classroom courses at Holborn from September.

To help us plan the transition, if you live or work in London and would like to attend in-person classes, please complete the short form below.

Online courses

On a separate note, we will soon be releasing a new platform, which you will see when you log into the website.

Teachers will be able to interact and share content with you during your lesson and together with lesson summaries, this will permanently be stored in your course feed.

You will also have access to relevant information such as previous course lesson summaries and attendance, as well as quick links to catch up classes, Zoom link, upcoming courses, certificates, news feeds and more.

Best wishes

The Vamos Team

In-person courses at Holborn (waiting list)

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