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The British Council’s Languages of the Future report ranks Spanish as the number one language in terms of importance.

By contrast, Spanish is less widely taught among BSME schools, either because of timetable constraints, or insufficient numbers of students to make classroom teaching viable.

Vamos has taught Spanish to more than 12,000 students, and since extending the school to online teaching, we have created a framework of courses that follow AQA and Edexcel exam board syllabus.

Working With Schools

High-quality, great value

Our live, online courses for KS3, GCSE and A level provide a cost-effective approach for schools who are not yet teaching Spanish.

They’re taught by experienced native teachers and can be offered during school time or as an after-school enrichment.

Course fees

Continuous evaluation

We provide continuous evaluation of the four skills and our student portal allows parents, teachers and learners access to class attendance, lesson summaries and homework.

Our classes are maximum 8-10 students and we make learning fun with dynamic lessons that include games and speaking activities.


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