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The expression “No ha venido ni el Tato” is frequently used by Spaniards when we arrive somewhere and realise that there are only a few people (or even no one!) there. Are you wondering who is ‘Tato’? ‘Tato’ was the nickname of Antonio Sanchez, a famous bullfighter born in Sevilla in 1831. Tato was known...
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This expression is used when something goes wrong, but there’s no need to worry about it. Its origin dates back to the Cuban War and 1868 when Cuba was one of Spain’s last colonies. Due to an economic crisis, Cuba requested independence from Spain and that started the war, which lasted for 30 years with...
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When a dictator who died more than 40 years ago is buried with honors in a giant monument in a democratic country, the past of that country collides with the present. And now the Government of Spain and its citizens are asking: What should we do with the remains of that dictator? Francisco Franco, which...
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The Spanish Word ‘moro’ comes from the latin maurus which referred to the inhabitants of the old kingdom of Mauritania and the antique Roman provinces of Tingitana Mauritania and Cesarian Mauritania. During the 8th century invasion of the Iberian Peninsula, the Morish were part of the force that conquered Spain in just 9 years. Over the...
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Hola Vamos, My last blog was titled “El Mundial empieza ahora” (World Cup starts now). That Works for some teams, for others “El Mundial ha terminado” (World Cup has finished). In Alberto´s blog, he explained very well that Spain was not playing their best football. We also had some events previous to the tournament that...
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It looks like many of you are following the World Cup because unless it’s a coincidence during the last two weeks our course attendances are lower than usual. Remember that you can record your matches! As you probably follow Alberto’s amazing blogs, this World Cup started with a record of 8 teams from Spanish Speaking...
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Today the World cup started, probably one of the biggest events to enjoy, especially in a big city as London where you can find people from all nationalities involved in the games. In Vamos we support Spain!! After winning the World cup 8 years ago we still have a very good group of players and...
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This exhibition one of the most awaited events in London. As you may know Frida Kahlo was born in Mexico on July 6 1907 and died on July 13 1954. She is one of the most recognised Latin American female artist of the 20th century, widely known for her famous self-portraits and for empowering herself...
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Hola cine adictos, Do you miss our cinema nights? I do. But do not worry, it is coming. As we were doing some other social events and also Easter was on the way, we haven´t been able to organise a movie night earlier. But finally the night has come and we will see each other...
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Spanish use this expression in a metaphorical way, but its origin from centuries ago is real. Continue reading if you want to know why. In medieval days hostelries were unpopular because of the food they served. The most common technique was to give cat meat when customers asked for hare. Today Spanish use this expression...
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I cannot rave about Vamos enough. I have been studying there every week for 1.5 years and I still love going to class. I found the flexibility that Vamos offers incredibly valuable..."

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