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More than 12,000 students have learnt Spanish at Vamos, many of whom have stayed with us and advanced to higher levels.

More than 1,000 students learn Spanish at Vamos. In October ’21 we opened in-person courses again at our schools again in London and Valencia. But we will always continue to offer online courses as well.

Vamos has been a Zoom partner since August 2019 and during that time we have refined our teaching techniques to ensure our online courses offer the same high standard of teaching and fun, classroom experience that make this school so popular.

Our teachers have also created inventive ways to bring our community together with extra fun learning activities, some of which are free.

We’re teaching every level of the Common European Framework (CEFR) with a team of around 30 teachers all of whom are experienced native speakers qualified in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

In July 2020 we launched our young learner courses for GCSE and A level. They’re fun and interactive and aligned to Edexcel and AQA exam boards.

And in January 2022 we moved the school to our new location in Angel, Islington, which is just 3 stops to the City (Bank) and one stop to Kings Cross.

The reason so many of our students stay with us is a combination of our high standards of teaching and friendly, sociable atmosphere; our wide choice and continuity of courses; online support and learning resources, and our uniquely flexible approach.


Vamos Classroom

Modern learning technologies in every classroom

ELE Course Books

Courses structured around official text books

ELE Course Books

Extra specially compiled resources for every level

Our Student Portal

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Vamos Lesson Summaries

Lesson summaries for every class

Cava Baja

Our TV soap with interactive activities

We’re passionate about everything we do. Our lessons always include interactive activities that encourage speaking, such as games and role-play with teams, groups and pairs, all of which goes to make learning effective.

Each of our courses is structured around an official ‘ELE’ book (Español como lengua extranjera – the term used for Spanish as a Foreign Language) together with a specially compiled set of resources we call a ‘libro de actividades’, which give our teachers a unified framework and make our lessons rewarding and so much fun.


  • Common European Framework
    We have 20 course levels which follow the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) syllabus from A1 to C2
  • Each is 20-hours and held at our schools over 1, 5 or 10-weeks. For more information see our levels explained.
  • They end with a self assessment exercise that addresses the course syllabus
  • On completion of each CEFR book we give you a lovely certificate. It shows the number of hours you have attended and the level you have achieved.

Friday Conversation Classes

On the last Friday of the month we have an extra free class (existing students only).

Vamos in Valencia

Click here to see our courses in Valencia.

In-Company Training

If you or your colleagues need Spanish for your job, we’ll teach you to develop the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills used in the professional world.

Whether your organisation has a business imperative to develop Spanish skills within the workplace, or wishes to support personal development and learning, Vamos can help.

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Catch Up Classes

Don’t worry if you miss a class. Many of our students have busy jobs, so we know how difficult it can be to make it to every lesson. We run many courses, so just log into our website and we’ll do our best to offer you the same class on another evening.

Catch up classes means you’ll never miss a class

Student Portal

Find valuable resources including lesson summaries, homework and attendance from every course you have attended. Plus catch up classes, Zoom room (online courses), news and upcoming events, profile settings and receipts.

Our Student Portal