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B2+ Current Affairs 5-week course, Mon and Thu 6 April to 7 May 12pm – 2pm

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Course times 20-hours tuition
Max class size 10
Course materials included
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Monday 6 Apr 2020 until 7 May 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Current affairs conversation classes for B1 and B2+ students

Course materials included

Included in our course fee is this ELE Actual B2 book* and CDs as well as

*Returning students must bring their ELE book unless the course they’re joining requires a new book.


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Join your course from home or work. It’s the next best thing to being at the school. You just need a laptop, pc or tablet with either built in (or external) camera and microphone.

Your Teacher

"¡Hola! I’m Andrea from Bilbao, in the north of Spain!

I have a 4-year degree in Spanish Studies from the University of Deusto, which covered linguistics, literature, grammar and the history of the Spanish language and I later qualified as a teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

I am an official DELE examiner (awarded by Institute Cervantes, London) for levels A1 to C2 and since joining Vamos in September 2012, I am also one of the school's academic managers where part of my responsibilities includes the recruitment and training of new teachers.

My teaching style places particular emphasis on the communicative approach and I always want my students to get the most out of their lesson.

I love teaching so much that it hardly feels like a job and I hope you enjoy your course at ¡Vamos!"


Course Materials: Included in the course fees
Age Range: 18 upwards
Class size: Min 6 Max 15


About Us

We’re a little different from other language schools. Our roots lie in the Spanish further education sector and here at Holborn our students have as much fun learning as we have teaching. That’s why our courses are so effective and why our students say our lessons are rewarding and so much fun.

More about this course

Practise speaking with these 10 x 1-hour lively debates with each class based around something topical in the news. Advance your Spanish speaking skills with a conversation course based on current affairs. Your teacher will choose a topic for discussion and facilitate a lively, engaging debate.

This course will help you learn how to put forward your opinions in Spanish and debate subjects of current importance internationally.

As well improving your language skills you will gain insights into Spanish and Latin American perspectives on today’s major issues such as Climate Change, Brexit, Migration and International Relations.

Classes will be organised so that each group has a similar standard of Spanish and your teacher will ensure students get the opportunity to express their opinion and respond to other points made.

This course is aimed at advanced B1 students and B2+ students and allows you to practice the grammar you have learnt while expanding vocabulary.

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