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We use ‘No hay tu tía’ when we want to say there is no solution or the situation is hopeless. This expression has a very interesting origin when ‘tutía o atutia’ – a medicinal ointment used mainly to treat eyes sickness was introduced during the Arabic times around 1,000 years ago.   The product, whose...
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Hola cine adictos, ¡Gracias otra vez por una gran noche! Great to see everybody enjoyed on Friday and that the cinema was full – we even had to put an extra chair, so it was brilliant to see that many students are eager to learn the language and Spanish culture. Also a big thank you...
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I made some research about this expression, but finally nothing appears, so if you ask to Spaniards they will all answer something similar: ‘If you hang out the laundry and the cloth peg falls, the clothes became a mess.’ Then the RAE ‘Royal Spanish Language Academy’ gives another version about its origin: ‘we haven’t found...
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This misunderstood expression of the week is used to describe something that was difficult to achieve. There are several theories about its origin. It is thought this expression comes from Ancient Greece and the game ‘tug of war’ and in the beginning it was a form of military training. The game consisted of two groups...
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Hola cine adictos, Nuevo año, nuevas películas. Finally another movie night is coming, it has been a long time because of all Christmas festivities but finally we can come back to our second Friday of the month movie night. I have to admit that I missed going to the cinema and having good time watching...
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It was about 30 degrees and it was raining and we took the boat, which would take us to one of the paradises of the world. The sun suddenly rose and we were being witnesses of a great show, a wide variety of animals were coming out. The view of the calm caimans with their...
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If one of your new year’s resolutions is to brush up your Spanish then you might enjoy getting immerse in the amazing stories in Lola Lago’s books. There are different levels from A1 to B1 and the books tell a wide range of stories whose main character is the private detective Lola Lago who gets...
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Wishing all our students a great Christmas and happy new year. See you in 2018. Russell
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Christmas is coming and it is always joy to remember “mis tradiciones navideñas en España cuando era niño”. I remember when they used to start around this period of December when I prepared the nativity “pessebre” together with my parents. Usually the city and houses used to start decorating with Christmas lights after 8th December (like...
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I have been taking Spanish classes at Vamos for a year now and I absolutely love it! The teachers are fantastic and they mix different ways of learning which make the…"

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