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Its name originally comes from the Arab word “Mayrit” which means “main stream” due to a large amount of water that they found in this city at that time. However the river crossing the country’s capital is not very abundant today. Despite not having the most beautiful river in the world you shouldn’t miss the...
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Like in English, this Spanish expression refers to someone who sleeps very well.   The origin goes back to Salamanca in the 14th century and a story that talks about Álvaro de Torregrossa, a Castellan nobleman and his daughter Blanca Flora. A young Blanca met a rich Muslim merchant who she fell in love with. The merchant...
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When we say that something is in ‘el quinto pino’ we are indicating that it is far away. There is a funny part of this expression because actually the fifth pine existed in Madrid in 18th Century and it was located with four other pines in the antique Paseo del Prado. Philip V ordered these...
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With Easter just around the corner, it’s probably time to start planning a quick getaway from London’s busy streets. Fancy something different? Then, bear with me and learn about one of Spain’s oldest, but most unknown traditions: the tamboradas.   A bit of history Tamborada refers to a massive concentration of drums in the streets...
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The meaning of ‘hacerse el sueco’ refers to someone who pretends not to hear what is being said. It comes from the latin word ‘soccus’, a kind of shoe that actors used in antique roman theatre. From soccus comes the words zueco (wooden shoe) and zoquete (a piece of thick, short wood). This last word...
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Hola cine adictos, Otra vez muchas gracias por una noche estupenda de cine. For the first time I haven´t watched the movie that we were going to show and I am really glad we did, a big thank you to our teacher Elena Rodriguez who recommended the film. She told me that it was such...
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This week we have one misunderstood expression with two different meanings: When we have no money, Spaniards sometimes say ‘estamos a dos velas’, which means our pockets are empty. This expression came up at secret card games in which in addition to the players was a banker in charge of the money who was ‘lit...
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Hola cine adictos, ¿Qué tal todo? Después de una semana de mucho frío y con Londres nevado, qué mejor plan que ir al cine. After one week of freezing weather and snow, do you know a better plan than coming to watch a great movie on Friday with us? We also have good news to...
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Have you ever thought about sending someone far away? You couldn’t handle him/her anymore and the only thing you want to do is…¡mandarle a freir espárragos! This phrase has its origins in the XIX Century and was used with the same intention like nowadays but it was used as ‘go and fry asparagus’ or ‘go...
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Considered as the end of the world in the Roman period and located in the far West of Galicia, A Costa da Morte (“Coast of Death” in Galician) is one of the less known coastlines of Spain, and one of the wildest. Its name comes from the numerous shipwrecks which happened along history in this...
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