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Noticias de la semana|(Niveles A2, B1 y B2+)

Many of you are interested in holidays in Spain, but if you also enjoy walking then what about an alternative holiday in the north of the country? If you like being outdoors, discovering small villages, practising your Spanish with the locals and meeting people from all over the world, El Camino de Santiago can be the perfect plan...
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Is time to talk about a very famous festivity in Spain, which is “Las Fallas” in Valencia. If you think that in Spain we have more bank holidays than the rest of Europe, you are almost right, and when there is a bank holiday it must be celebrated properly – and during this time of...
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Spain's general elections took place on 20th December and as they were very close to the Christmas holidays, many Spanish who live abroad had an opportunity to vote directly in Spain without the problems and inconvenience of voting through an embassy.
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If you ask anyone who are the biggest clubs in the world, they will probably say FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. So imagine when these two teams have the chance to play against each other.
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This month Cuba celebrates “la Fiesta de la Cubanía”, a national festival that commemorates the pride of being Cuban and the duty of defending the national identity and culture through celebrations and conferences.
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Did you know Spain is the third most visited country in the world after France and United States? Barcelona is the most popular city having almost the double number of tourists than Madrid each year, but the most visited monument is not in Barcelona but in Granada and it is “La Alhambra”. Everyone knows the...
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Family secrets, evil stepmothers, forbidden love, suspicious deaths, dangerous affairs, revenge… Who doesn’t like those stories? Well, you can find everything in a Latin American telenovela, the over dramatic serials, which have hooked most Hispanic people some time in their lives. Different from British soap operas, which have a never-ending storyline, telenovelas are concise. They...
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No doubt we all know something about Pablo Picasso. His work is known all over the world and one can contemplate his pieces in many museums from MoMa museum in New York – La señoritas de Avignon (below left) to Tate Modern in London – Weeping woman (below right) as well as in several museums in...
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16th September. 5am. The phone woke me up; I had just received a text that said: “It’s tequila and mariachi time. Where are you?” Sleepy and surprised, it gets all clear when I read the sender: it’s my friend from Sonora, Mexico and… it’s September, so Mexico is celebrating its Independence Day!! I cannot blame...
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There are several Spanish film directors who you have probably heard of like Alejandro Amenábar who directed Open Your Eyes (adapted in an American production as Vanilla Sky) and The Others (with Nicole Kidman as the main actress) and Julio Medem, famous for Lovers of the Arctic Circle, Sex and Lucía and his last film Room in Rome. But there...
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