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Arte y cultura en Londres

The Bloomsbury Curzon celebrates the imminent release of famed Spanish director, Pedro Almodóvar’s, latest film with a month long retrospective on some of his previous works. Each Sunday from the 31st July-28th August one of Almodóvar’s cinematic masterpiece’s will be shown. Whether you love or hate Almodóvar, Andrea argues that it is certain his films...
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Hi Everyone, Here are a few events I hope you will find of interest. Some involve politics and some the arts. I hope you enjoy them and please tell us if you have any other suggestions you would like to share. Best wishes Rosie 10 Jun – 4 Sep: Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin...
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Jonathan Hernandez, Vulnerabilia (demonstrations), 2008 - 2010
Voces is a new and exciting photography exhibition showcasing the work of artists that come from Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico and who take their own culture and heritage as primary sources of inspiration combining photography with other techniques such as collage, silk-printing, painting, and archival documents. When people refer to Latin America there’s a...
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Whenever we are learning a foreign language it is important to get to know the culture not only through the grammar or teaching words, but through the speech in newspapers and magazines. Yes, I know you are thinking… but how do I get free Spanish newspapers or magazines about London and how am I going...
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You may already know one or two of the many Hispanic restaurants London has to offer, but what about venturing into your own cooking experience? Coming from Argentina, I couldn’t stop myself writing about ‘empanadas’, a traditional dish in South America, Spain and Portugal that first appeared in medieval Iberia during the time of the Moorish invasions. Since then empanadas have...
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Are you passionate about music? Do you love films? Then why not mix them up with Mexican culture? This year the governments of Mexico and the UK have decided to celebrate the “Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom” and the “Year of the United Kingdom in Mexico”. The idea is to promote a better understanding...
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  Watching films is simple fun, entertaining and interesting! It is also a great way of practicing your Spanish skills. The London Spanish Film Festival (24 -30 September) will feature some of the best recent films from Spain including documentaries and shorts. For those at the beginning of your learning experience watching films is a great way...
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