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Discover new Spanish films and practice your Spanish listening skills with Espacio Femenino, a film series organised by the Instituto Cervantes since 2010 to promote and celebrate the role of women in the film industry. This Sunday, 2nd of June, Instituto Cervantes will be screening a selection of 6 short films from the women’s film festivals from...
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Last Saturday Ibérica, Canary Wharf held the first in a short series of wine tastings for Vamos. And what an experience it was. Not just because of the great wines and delicious food, but also because of what we learnt about wine and wine-making and the geography of Spain. Our ‘Wine tour around Spain’ took us...
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Venezuela, en crisis política Juan Guaidó, autoproclamado presidente interino de Venezuela, se reunió ayer con el líder opositor Leopoldo López en la embajada española en Caracas. El activista Leopoldo López fue liberado de su arresto domiciliario a primeras horas de la mañana el 30 de abril y buscó refugio en la embajada española tras comparecer...
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Cervantes Theatre’s third annual New Spanish Playwriting season has launched this month, and it is full of great opportunities for you to continue learning Spanish while you discover Spanish culture. First up, The Reality (in Spanish, La Realidad), written by Denise Despeyroux and translated by Sarah Maitland. Performances will be in English and Spanish until...
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5 siglos de Semana Santa Las celebraciones de Semana Santa comenzaron el domingo pasado en España. El origen de la Semana Santa se remonta al siglo XVI, cuando la Iglesia Católica decidió presentar la historia de la Pasión de Cristo de una manera que la gente de a pie pudiese entender. Desde ese momento, escenas...
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This week’s misunderstood expression is “ser más chulo que un ocho“, meaning, literally, ‘to be cooler than an eight’. The actual meaning, however, is ‘to be a show-off’. I know what you are thinking: why would number 8 (in Spanish, ocho) be related to being cool… or a show-off? Keep reading to find out! To...
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El “juicio del siglo” español Hace dos meses publicamos un blog sobre el inicio del “juicio del siglo”, como se ha denominado en España: el juicio a 12 líderes catalanes independentistas, incluido el ex vicepresidente catalán Oriol Junqueras. Los 12 acusados se enfrentan a cargos de rebelión, sedición y malversación de fondos públicos, en su...
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El Presidente de México exige una disculpa por parte de España y el Vaticano por la conquista de América El Presidente de México, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, mandó una carta al Rey Felipe VI de España y al Papa Francisco instando a los dos hombres a disculparse por los abusos infligidos a los pueblos indígenas...
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The London Spanish Film Festival is bringing the 9th edition of the Spring Weekend, an annual date to show what’s been going on on Spanish screens this past year. 9 different films will be screened in cinemas around London between Friday 12th and Sunday 14th of April. All screenings will be in Spanish with English...
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Spring is officially here! The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer… and we are starting to feel like partying! Have fun and celebrate Spanish music with London City Orchestra next Saturday, 6th of April at City of London School for Girls as the orchestra kick off their 2019 Spring term with a...
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