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Francisco Franco was a military dictator who ruled in Spain for almost 40 years. He died on November 20, 1975, but his legacy continues to inspire debate 43 years after his death, and the many victims of his dictatorship marked by violence and oppression are yet to find peace… and justice. The story of these...
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La crisis de refugiados afecta de manera crítica a toda Europa desde principios del 2015. En el último año, España se ha visto particularmente afectada por la llegada descontrolada de migrantes económicos y solicitantes de asilo por el mar Mediterráneo. Según datos de las Naciones Unidas, más de 35.000 migrantes sin papeles han llegado a...
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Our Vamos teacher Cristina explained in June’s ‘Hispanic London’ blog post why theatre can be a wonderful tool to learn Spanish. Luckily for us, one of the most popular modern Spanish plays is coming to London this month – and you cannot miss it! From the 24th of September to the 13th of October, Ay...
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Diplomas engañosos, currículos inflados… Lo que comenzó como una polémica en torno al título de máster de Cristina Cifuentes, entonces presidenta de la Comunidad de Madrid, se ha convertido en los últimos meses en una verdadera epidemia de lo que se conoce en España como la “titulitis”, es decir, la fiebre por acumular títulos universitarios....
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¡Hola! Are you interested in Spanish culture? Do you want to have fun eating and dancing this weekend? Then you’re lucky! The first ever Portobello Spanish Festival will be taking place this Sunday, 23 September 2018 on the world famous Portobello Road. Join the fiesta and experience an authentic Spanish feria with performances, street food...
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I have joined Vamos in December ’13 and was amazed by the positive attitude from all the staff to begin with. Clearly the teachers love what they do which motivates you…"

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