Season 1
14 Episodes
Levels 1-3
Have fun learning Spanish as you follow the adventures of flatmates Marcos, Sara, Belén and Tony.
The early episodes are for beginners, but then it gets more challenging as the story unfolds.
All episodes available with English subtitles.


Episodio 1 – Marcos conoce a Sara
This is where the story starts. Marcos meets Sara and it’s love at first sight (for Marcos anyway). We soon learn Sara is from Barcelona and Marcos is from Madrid; Sara is opening an organic fruit and vegetable shop and Marcos is studying to be a doctor – and Sara loves her coffee with milk…


Episodio 2 – ¿Tú o usted
Meet Don Martin, the retired man from Galicia. He’s lived in Madrid for 45 years, but still has his distinctive Galician accent. See how Sara uses the respectful ‘usted’ rule when she speaks to Martin. And it doesn’t take long before Martin tells Marcos that Sara es muy simpatico…


Episodio 3 – La familia de Marcos
We knew you wanted to know all about Marcos’ family, so we haven’t kept you waiting. Here we see his sister, brother-in-law and nephew (who live in London) and his grandparents and parents in Madrid – plus a much younger Marcos who Sara is quick to spot…


Episodio 4 – La tienda de Sara
Ever wondered how much it costs to buy organic fruit and vegetables in Madrid? This episode answers all your questions and we get to meet flatmate Belén from Buenos Aires. See how proud Marcos is when he introduces Sara and how much he loves fruit and vegetables…


Cava Baja – Episodio 5 – ¿Cómo Es Tu Ciudad?
Of course Marcos couldn’t wait to know more about Sara. Today, Marcos learns where Soria is located and what makes this small city so popular: the cold weather… and the parties too! Sara’s family comes from this region and she invites a very happy Marcos to come and join her for San Juan’s party next year…


Episodio 6 – ¡Buenas Noticias!
Marcos tells Sara about an annoying flatmate when all of a sudden Tony arrives bringing great news – the annoying flatmate has moved out! Much to the delight of Marcos, Sara tells him that she is still looking for a room, which leaves Marcos with a brilliant idea…


Episodio 7 – ¡Tenemos Compañera De Piso!
As we could guess from the previous episode, Marcos asked Sara to come and have a look at the room which is available in his flat. Sara of course doesn’t miss this opportunity to view the beautiful flat which Marcos has ensured is kept spotless for the occasion…


Episodio 8 – Me Encanta La Pizza
The flatmates try to make some plans to celebrate Sara’s first week at the flat, but they find it a bit difficult to make a decision: a visit to the museum, cinema, restaurant or salsa are the ideas. Unfortunately, they can’t even agree what pizza to order!


Cava Baja – Episodio 9 – ¿Qué Tiempo Hace?
It always seems not so easy for the flatmates to agree to a plan together. This time, Sara, Marcos, Tony and Belén, after a few minutes debating, decide to enjoy the lovely weather with a picnic at the Retiro Park. Will they make it this time?


Episodio 10 – ¿A Qué Hora Os Ducháis?
First signs of problems of living together. Sara tries to find out her flatmates’ morning routines to ensure having a gap for her shower in the morning. Unfortunately, everyone else seems more interested in Belén gig at “El Desguace” the next day, which leaves Sara going to bed not knowing when the bathroom will be free in the morning. Result: everyone jumps in the shower first and Sara has to wait..


Episodio 11 – La Peor Cita De Mi Vida
Belén tells Sara how excited she is because she has a date with Tomás, a guy who she’s met via Romántica – the new trendy dating site. Marcos, instead, only seems to pay attention to the football match. Find out how the date went for Belén and Tomás, who by the way looks “a bit” different in person to his profile photo…


Episodio 12 – ¡Toni Tiene Nuevo Trabajo!
While the girls are having a drink at the bar and talk about their jobs, Tony enters to tell everyone how happy he is about his new role at work. To celebrate the great news, they all cheered with a few beers, including Don Martín – who happily joins them to celebrate…


Cava Baja – Episodio 13 – ¿Conoces Toledo?
The four are planning a trip to Toledo for the weekend. After sorting out the hotel where to stay and booking the train tickets, they all get ready to go when they suddenly realised that a distracted Marcos booked the tickets for the wrong date. Marcos only has a few minutes left to change the tickets before the train departs…


Cava Baja – Episodio 14 –Qué Hiciste El Fin De Semana?
Marcos bought the train tickets for the wrong date, Tony forgot to book the hotel, Belén took so long to get ready and Sara was very controlling about what to do during the trip. Despite giving their own different opinions about the trip to Toledo, the flatmates agree when saying to the their friends that after all it was a great trip and they enjoyed it…

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