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Learn how to cook some of Spain’s most famous tapas dishes

Learn how to cook patatas bravas, or meatballs in tomato sauce or maybe a delicious Spanish Tortilla?

Now you can learn how to cook them and other tapas dishes with Vamos while you also learn some more Spanish.

If you have already tried our paella course and want to add to your cooking skills then you will love these courses too.

The origins of tapas goes back a few centuries when the South of Spain was very windy and dusty and bars used to serve wine with a slice of ham or cheese on top of the glass to keep the sand out of the wine.

“Tapas” comes from the word “tapar” which means to cover.

In this 2-hour classes you will learn how to cook the following tapas:










  •  Patatas bravas (Spicy Spanish potatoes): learn the most famous “tapa” to accompany a beer with friends or when you feel peckish and just want to share a bite. The chef  will teach how to cook a perfect salsa brava with the famous “Allioli” sauce.
  • Escalibada (Smoky grilled vegetables): this is a very famous in some areas in Spain and mostly enjoyed on toast with anchovies or tuna.
  • Albóndigas en salsa de tomate (meatballs in tomato sauce): a dish that you cannot miss in the traditional Spanish cooking (cocina de la abuela). 


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