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Spanish Quiz night – put your general knowledge to the test Friday 17 May 7.30pm (existing students only)

If you have already been to a pub quiz then this is exactly the same except the questions are in Spanish and the topics are all about Spain and Latin America.

The quiz lasts about an hour and a half with separate rounds of general knowledge questions from the topics below:




Sport celebrities


Music and art

Questions with English translations, however you work in teams of mixed levels.

Max 40 students with 8 teams and a selection of classic home cooked dishes including:

Pizza batons
Mini burgers – veggie options too
Mini sausage rolls – veggie options too
Ham and cheddar quiche – or just cheddar
Fries and sweet potato fries 

Join us at 7pm on Friday 17 May at the Yorkshire Grey Pub (Chancery Lane)

£20pp – click here to book