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by Sarah Powell for Cristina level 1 on Jul 14 2017 14:07

Very good basic understanding. Good amount of homework + very useful blog/revision notes each week. Cristina is a great teacher + is very patient with us! Learnt so much! Thanks very much!!

by Dorottya Kardos for Cristina level 1 on Jul 14 2017 14:07

Fun, interesting, beneficial, very enjoyable, very good teaching methods, lot of activities, enhancing learning, excellent classes, excellent teacher.

by Nishant Pawa for Cristina level 1 on Jul 14 2017 14:06

Cristina was an excellent and creative teacher. She made every lesson so fun and enjoyable.

by Richard Barnes for Patricia Avila level 2 on Jul 14 2017 14:06

Patricia is a lively teacher, full of enthusiasm. There is a good mix between activities. The best times in the class are when we have to get up and talk to other students which mixes things up. Nice to see new screens.

by Lara Feinstein for Andrea level 5 on Jul 14 2017 14:05

Thank you – I really enjoyed the course. The games are fun. Andrea is such a brilliant and clear teacher.

by Angelika Janicka for Yaiza level 1 on Jul 14 2017 14:05

I enjoyed the course very much. It helped me to learn the basics and get ready for the next level. I think Yaiza is a great teacher. I like the way she was leading the classes. You can tell she really loves her job!

by Joshua Stehr for Yaiza level 1 on Jul 14 2017 14:04

The course was great! A good variety of exercises and activities and the homework wasn’t too intensive. It’s great to see how much the whole class has progressed.

by Calum Clenaghan for Yaiza level 1 on Jul 14 2017 14:04

I thought it was a really good programme overall! Quite fast and intense at times after a full day’s work but enjoyed this challenge. I liked that the teacher was Spanish and gave most of the lessons in Spanish. She was also friendly and engaging.

by Paul Henry for Yaiza level 1 on Jul 14 2017 14:03

This was a fantastic course which I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn. Yaiza is an amazing teacher and very friendly and interactive and makes you learn as well as have fun. 10 out of 10. Amazing course!

by Laura Townshend for Paula Ruiz level 7 on Jul 12 2017 17:39

Paula is a fantastic teacher. She’s patient, creative and great and adapting her teaching style to different students. I enjoy every class
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